Eat @ Cane Bay- Frank and Catherine Pugilese, formerly of Bacchus have opened a casual dining patio with great food and, very often, good music.  Food shots show off Frank's skill in the kitchen, with excellent and reasonably priced entrees.  A must go to.  Two for one wine of Fridays and a good list at that.
Sprat Net Beach Bar - Right on the beach at Cane Bay, this hang out spot often features roast pig.  A hopping joint on weekends.
Off the Wall -  Under new ownership, the food and service have vastly improved.  Great salads, good pizza, and sandwiches, and sunset shots for all imbibers.
Rowdy Joes is in La Vallee town.  Inside is a sports bar and outside, patio dining.  The food is great, with large portions.  Everyone raves about the fish tacos.  Steaks, too.
Salud  Bistro- Tavia Babb is a great restauranteur and hostess.  Salud has a mediterranean-oriented changing menu with specialties such as octopus, mussels with chorizo, fish with polenta, et all.  Excellent olive oil dipping sauce with honey and spices from Turkey.  Tavia knows her wine.
Galangal -  For elegance of decor and service, Galangal is the place to go.  In Christiansted, on Church St., Arthur has imported elements from Thialand to create to best ambiance on St. Croix.  Thia fusion menu with the best mussels around.  Excellent German white wines and a good selection of red.  The bathroom rocks.
Kendrick’s-- Renowned for the superb work of chef Dave Kendrick and located in a beautifully decorated townhouse and garden setting in Christiansted, this is a restaurant not to miss. Good service and great presentation equal four stars.
Rumrunners --  The location can't be beat.  Right on the boardwalk  of  the Christiansted Harbor is as pretty as they come.   Sunsets are glorious.  The menu will please all comers, from nicely prepared specials to light food.  And all of it tasty.  Kids will love the tarpon swimming about and catching bread crumbs in the saltwater enclosures.
Tutto Bene - As the name implies, everything is good at this Italian- inspired eatery. Good food, good wine, good company.  Just east of Christiansted, upstairs, there is a great feeling of joie de vivre that comes from good everything.  Free anisette after dinner.
Café Christine - In the Courtyard of Apothecary Hall, Christine does her lunchtime magic with a chalkboard menu changing daily. Great mussels, fabulous desserts.
Bacchus is another favorite.  Located in an old townhouse on Queen Cross St., it has ambiance, exquisite food, and a renowned wine list.   Play pool while you wait for dinner.
Salud --  In a strip mall just west of Christiansted, the location belies the excellent quality of food and wine.  Inspired menu innovations include roulades with marscapone, etc.  The truffle oil mac and cheese gets raves.  Excellent wines.
The Palms --  Eating on the beach is always nice.  When it's good food, to boot,  it gets an extra star.  Very elegant.
Duggan's Reef, on the East End, has become an island institution.  The place to go for lobster and fish.  Famous for "whiskey" lobster.  As Frank Duggan says in his spot ads," Fresca pesca or no pesca."
Luncheria - Also in the Courtyard of Apothecary hall, Luncheria is cheap, good, located in a beautiful setting and has $1.50 diesel fuel margaritas.  Two tacos for 3 bucks.   Same menu lunch and dinner.  Can't be beat if you like Mexican.
Junie’s is great for Cruzan food and a Cruzan-style plate of food, including all the fixings. Try the curried lobster; stew goat, kallaloo and fungi, on and on. Located in Peter’s Rest in the center of the island.  Other spots for local food at lunch include Harvey's and Jackie's in Christiansted.
The Deep End Bar--  A great place for a "sundowner", late afternoon cocktail and snack, located at Green Cay Marina.
Savant -  Eclectic menu featuring Mexican, Thai, and Italian influenced cooking. They just opened a back patio, which is lovely.  Reserve.
Columbus Landing Cafe is right next to Gentle Winds and does great breakfasts and  wonderful home cooking.  Sally, the owner, has been on island forever and does a great job , especially when everyone is too tired to go anywhere else.
Golden Rail Café - If you’re looking for local color, this is a spot. Located at Gallows Bay at the Marina, the breakfasts are hearty, and the rest of the menu follows suit.
Lobster Reef - In the small northshore town of LaVallee, down a long country driveway on the edge of the water, is a funky watering hole with excellent lobster.  If Caribbean casual is your aim, this is your place.
Cheeseburgers in Paradise - This is certainly one of the island’s most popular hangouts. Excellent light food and dinner specials. Music. A great place for kids.
Carambola Beach Resort - Sunday brunch is to die for at Carambola: omelets, carving station, seafood platters, the works. The Pirates Buffet with moko jumbie dancers is also renowned.
Divi Beach and Casino Resort -- The seafood buffet is gaining aficionados, as is the high style restaurant, which once had ostrich on the menu – may still.
Le St. Tropez -  A  quaint  French bistro with French bistro specialties--morue blandade, etc.  Great onion soup.  In Frederiksted town.  On parle francais.
Blue Moon -- A renowned jazz center- usually have live music on Wednesdays - has excellent entrees and good entree salads.   They've just moved to Victoria House on the Frederiksted waterfront.  Worth a visit.
Beachside Cafe--  South of Frederiksted, this one is lovely----come early to look over the aqua water as the sun goes down and the colors of the sea change.  Food is ambitious and good.
Pizza Mare - If you have a pizza snack attack, Pizza Mare should hold you until you return to your favorite homeboy pizza place. East of C’sted.
Sunset Grill - Waiting for the green flash? This is a spot worth waiting at. Full and interesting menu.   Won Taste of St. Croix "entrees" f or their dolphin.
The list goes on and on. Diet before you come!
               EATING OUT ON ST. CROIX

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The Complete Gentle Winds Resort Website

 The island of St. Croix has a permanent population of 50,000 and yet there is a diversity of restaurants---- from haut cuisine to marina-side bar and grills catering to boaties, from local Cruzan-style food with Puerto Rican-influenced specialties to seaside joints where everyone goes barefoot.  Eating on the island is a great pleasure.  A few of the more notable spots are described here but the list is by no means complete.
KENDRICK'S  Courtyard
RUMRUNNERS,  looking to the harbor
DEEP END BAR, poolside at the marina
BACCHUS, in a C'sted townhouse
BEACHSIDE CAFE, south of F'sted
 Sprat Net Beach Bar
 Duggan's Reef - on the East End